Kseniya Levina
Certified career facilitator & coach with work experience in international recruitment.

I help my clients to find right solutions to career challenges and build long-term career resilience.

My clients are corporate knowledge workers, self-employed specialists and freelances.
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I help my clients to find right solutions to career challenges
and build long-term career resilience.

Most of my clients are corporate knowledge workers,
self-employed specialists and freelances.
Why me?
  • 10+ years of work experience in career management services (recruitment + consulting).
  • 5000+ hours working as a career facilitator, coach, mentor, and trainer in individual & group format.
  • Certified GCDF and professional coach.
  • Active member of professional communities of career experts.
My clients usually say they got clear goals, confidence, and energy to move forward as a result of our work.
Modern career is a lifestyle that lets people apply their talents to great projects, earn money, and enjoy the work process itself.

My goal is to focus my clients on exploring the field of opportunities and giving them essential tools for achieving their career goals.

Proper career management will help you to feel confident and be more resilient in our ever-changing world.
What do I offer my clients?
Every person is unique, so I find the right balance of coaching and consulting techniques based on my client's request. My key principles are partnership and 100% confidentiality. I work in accordance with ethical codes of GCDF and ICF.
Career coaching
Sort everything out, get unstuck and achieve your goals.

Typical requests:
  • "So far I've been going with the flow with my career, but I want to know my options and plan ahead wisely"
  • "I've recently had big changes in my life (moved to another country / had a baby) and I need to adapt my career to that"
  • "I'm thinking of a major career transformation, but I don't know where to start"
  • "I'd like to develop professionally, but I don't see any options or possibilities"
  • "I've always been an over-performer and I want to find work-life balance now"
  • "I want to earn more money"
  • "I don't want to do what I do, and I don't know what to do instead"
Job search tools
Get everything you need for a successful job hunt:

  • job search strategy
  • self-presentation and positioning statement
  • informative resume
  • values-based cover letter
  • networking skills
  • job interview skills
  • LinkedIn profile
Career support for expats
Create a fulfilling career in a new setting.
I will help you to:

  • identify transferrable skills and competencies;
  • create a long-term career strategy and set short-term goals;
  • enter job market for expats in Czech Republic;
  • broaden your professional network;
  • find a fulfilling job or project.
Diplomas and certificates
I live by the concept of lifelong learning
Erickson Professional Coach
5 PRISM method
Higher Education
Global Career Development Facilitator certification
International certification and global standard in career management sphere, exists in 42 countries.
Certification number: GCDF17181

More info:
National Career Development Association (NCDA), USA
I successfully completed the 120-hour course on career development facilitation skills.

NCDA - National Career Development Association (The USA)
Coach Certification
I successfully completed the 4 module coach training in Erickson International University. I was certified as professional Erickson coach in accordance with ICF competences and standards.
Coach certification
I completed the professional training The 5 Prism method in the work of a coach at 5 Prism Academy.
ICF membership
I've been an International Coach Federation Member since 2020.
Saint Petersburg State University
Faculty of Sociology, HR management and labour economics, honors diploma
I live by the concept of lifelong learning
I graduated from the Saint Petersburg State University in 2011 (HR management and economics of labour).

I also studied career facilitation in the National Career Development Association (USA) and professional coaching in the Erickson International.
Client feedback
Services and Prices
Feel free to contact me if you require any career services that are not in the list and I will create a proposal based on your needs
Online zoom meeting for 20-30 minutes if you want to meet me and discuss your request prior to out work
Career coaching
Career coaching is a long-term partnership that helps to create a vision of your desired future and achieve your goals. I will create a safe and supporting environment that will help you to:

  • Discover your true motivation, interests, and values
  • Create a vision and a long-term career strategy
  • Go through a career change or transition
  • Face your work-related fears and overcome them
  • Achieve work-life balance
  • Get unstuck and progress with your career
  • Build career resilience, etc
from 1250 CZK /session

4 / 8 / 12 session packages available
job search
90 minutes online meeting (zoom)
We will create your personal job search strategy with effictive modern tools and networking techniques
1750 CZK
Job hunter's tool
1 online consultation (60-90 minutes)
As a result you will have my specific recommendations on one of the following topics:
— how to make your CV more informative and effective for job search
— how to present yourself and pass a job interview
— how to make or update your LinkedIn profile
— how to develop your career resilience
1750 CZK
Job hunter's tool kit
4 online consultations (60-90 minutes) + homework
As a result you will have the complete package:
— Personal career development or job search strategy
— Modern informative resume
— Value-based cover (motivational) letter
— Professional LinkedIn profile
— Self-presentation and elevator pitch
— Confidence in interactions with recruiters and potential employers
6000 CZK
LinkedIn profile & CV writing
I can edit and design your resume or create/update your LinkedIn profile on your behalf. Save yourself several hours of hard work! 90 minutes consultation is included.
2000 CZK
Key projects
I am an active member of Russian speaking career counsellors' community, so some of my projects are available in Russian language only.
Author's guide on modern informative resume: 5 free lessons (Russian language only)
I was the chief editor of the first Russian online journal for career professionals (2020-22)
Lectures and workshops
I enjoy being speaker at numerous career management forums, workshops, and job fairs both in online and live environment. I run workshops for corporate employees, students, and freelancers. I also was one of the developers and teachers of the career management course in ITMO University.
Board member of Career Counseling and Facilitation Association - АККС
I have been an active volunteer since the foundation of Association (2018), and an Executive Board Member from 2020 to 2022. Association unites 350+ Russian-speaking career professionals from 10 countries.
My contacts
I will be happy to get your request
+420 739 891 419
Prague, Czech Republic
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